Contracts and Policies, Tribunal Claims, Trade Union Negotiations

Alongside offering specific guidance in all matters relating to employment law, Willow and Semp can take care of all your policies and procedures, and contracts of employment. We will happily conduct a full audit of your existing documents, and/or draft new handbooks and policies to ensure that you are legally compliant. 

We have an in depth knowledge of the tribunal system, and, in the event that you are facing a claim from a past or present employee, can provide you with honest commercial advice about your prospects of successfully defending the claim. We will then prepare your legal defence (your ET3, all witness statements and your bundle of evidence) and support you all the way through the tribunal proceedings.


Redundancies, Restructures, TUPE

We never underestimate the impact that 'change' can have on a business. We also know that TUPE, for example, can be notoriously complex and difficult to understand if you aren't an expert.

Consequently, whenever we are managing change for your business, we do of course consider the legal risks at all times, but also help you assess all of the other practical considerations that are often forgotten about during a high profile project.

We offer a full project management service, and can also take care of all the associated administration. This includes drafting invite letters, chairing consultation meetings, negotiation with Trade Unions or employee representatives, drafting outcome letters and chairing appeals.


Disciplinaries, Grievances, Sickness, Capability, Conflict Resolution

Whilst your people are your most valuable resource, they can also become a time-consuming one when things start to go wrong. At Willow and Semp we understand that you would much prefer to spend your time focussing on driving profits than dealing with people problems.


This is where we can help. If not managed correctly, the everyday grievances, disciplinary processes and misconduct issues can prove corrosive to culture and can often be devastatingly expensive. We offer a full advisory service, or can simply take care of it all for you. What we don't do, however, is take over. We always work with you, to achieve your desired outcome, with as little fuss as possible.


Coaching and Mentoring, Engagement, Reward, Culture and Values, Wellbeing 

We have at our fingertips a multitude of theories, models and practices which we can introduce to you to help you develop a strategic plan to ensure business longevity. Better still, we can sit down over a cup of tea, and have a good chat about what actually works in reality!


We listen to where you are now, and where you aspire to be, and help you get there. Drawing on our years of experience, our knowledge and expertise, we can develop a full and tailored organisational strategic plan for your business. Proficient in the development of organisational vision, values, and culture, we enjoy the 'softer' side of HR just as much as the challenging legal work that our clients share with us!